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Tiny Things In The Depths Of Our Ocean.png

Exhibited in 'A Remix of Damage' at the Reid Gallery, Glasgow, as part of the Strata Collective.

In the depths of our ocean 2022

Using sculpture, sound, video, photography and drawing, I imagine what will grow out of our synthetic waste and form the uncanny ecologies of our future. ​Explore a universe of otherworldly ecosystems, of mutated creatures, and their habitats.

deep time creature2.jpg

Watery Bodies 2019

A series of wax and plaster casts using waste packaging. Inspired by shells, tentacles and oceanic critters.


Spawn 2018

An exploration of sculptural form and space, responding to everyday household objects that grow off grid

Urban Nest 2017

Urban Nest 2017

Sculptural Installations playing with the contrast of natural and urban spaces, synthetic and organic materials, and feminine and masculine gender dynamics.

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