I am a multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in York, UK. I hold a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Practice from Lancaster University and a Masters in Fine art Practice from The Glasgow School of Art. I have taught technical and experimental sculpture workshops as an associate lecturer at LICA (Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Art) and I'm planning my first solo show in November 2022.


In my practice I explore the intersection of art and ecology, weaving speculative narratives into factual events to enable uncanny, otherworldly life-forms and ecosystems to erupt in disarming majesty.  Combining sculpture, video, sound, and photography, I construct multi-perspective installations that present disturbed ecosystems and fossilised ghosts of imagined futures. The work I will be showing in ‘A Remix of Damage’ is a new installation called ‘In the Depths of Our Ocean’ and will explore the effect of toxic materials on oceanic life-forms, environments, and their ecologies. 


Previously, I have adopted the casting process as an allegory to explore systems of production, reproduction, and industrial manufacturing in tandem with natural processes such as growth, death, and rebirth. During the pandemic, I have spent a lot of time expanding my practice into an array of different mediums, allowing my sculptures to provoke explorations into video, sound, and photography. I’ve been experimenting with how a range of materials, the relationship between those materials, and the processes inherent to those materials can inspire new ways of rendering the folklore that surrounds my research.


2022 A Remix of Damage, Reid Gallery, Glasgow

2022 Expanse, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow


2021 Strata, New Glasgow Society, Glasgow. Funded by Creative Scotland

2020 GSA Graduate Showcase,The Glasgow School of Art, Online

2019 Are you well, Lightwell?, The Glasgow School of Art Garage Space, Glasgow

2018 Under Construction, Lancaster University Degree Show, Lancaster

2017 Campus in the City, Inspire Gallery, Lancaster
2017 Balance & Probability, King Street Studios, Lancaster

2017 Home is where the art is, 84 Dallas Rd, Lancaster